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Damnation of Adam Blessing — "last train to clarksville"

Here we have early heavy acid rock band, Damnation Of Adam Blessing bustin’ a groove on the Monkees’ classic “Last Train To Clarksville”. Offspring of prominent Cleveland garage act The Society, their new agenda was a much more “hard rock” approach which paired them with other like-minded acts as local faves the James Gang. “Last Train…” slips & swaggers through a funky-fied version of the pop classic by addin’ a tasty soulful organ, meat & potatoes guitar mashed together with an acid-blues backbeat that retains its hook as nicely as the original though much, MUCH grittier… which makes this 7” sucker completely WORTHY!

The tune was also released on their sought-after 1969 self-titled debut album on UA.

download:  Damnation Of Adam Blessing- “Last Train To Clarksville”

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